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Mythic Dog Art

An exhibit of mythic dog Art:

This exhibit was created in 2008, after my return from Rajasthan, India where I spent 3 months working at a dog shelter in the Aravalli Range.





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  1. Tanya Smith March 6, 2019

    Your paintings depict your love of dogs and their spirit. Beautiful work Erka!

    • Erika April 28, 2021 — Post author

      Thank you Tanya! So sorry for the very late reply, years later! I’ve been fixing and changing my website, so was off for a long time. It is up and running again! Thank you for your lovely reply and moral support. I appreciate it.

  2. michelle February 15, 2020

    nothing about Inu….just wonder also interested in buying a piece

    • Erika April 28, 2021 — Post author

      Dear Michelle! Thank you! I’m sorry for my very late reply. I was off my website for a long time as it needed to be fixed. I am back again. It is a work in progress. I have many ideas for it, one being to put up a store and sell my art and books. Still getting the hang of it. More stuff on the way. All my best.

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