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Marwari Horse

Udaipur, Rajasthan 2008

I rode a bay mare called Rama with a white spot on her forehead. 

Dinesh kept telling me to shorten the reins, but I ignored him. The horse rose up in waves under me, growing stronger and stronger, her curled ears turning back and forth like wings. I didn’t understand that she wanted to be collected. I was not connected to her. Until we came to the open land under the mountains, when he told me again, impatient. My mare was trying to overtake his. I was no longer riding well. For one moment under the mountain, I had that familiar feeling of being cast out,  alienated, unable to accomplish what I had set out to do. Then I took up the reins and tried again. The mare came under me; she gave me her power. We joined forces. We went thundering across the ochre dust. I held her strength in my hands, singing the words that Dinesh had taught me, ‘baugh! baugh!’ Faster, faster! Read more


The Haflinger breed was developed about a hundred years ago in Austria and northern Italy. It can be traced further back to the Middle Ages, to Arabian bloodlines, and possibly, all the way back through the mists of time to the prehistoric Forest Horse, Equus ferus …

She is a little golden horse with long flaxen mane and tail, small, but wide around the middle. There is only one saddle in the whole stable that fits her. She reminds me of the Mongolian ponies, hardy and resilient. If she were set loose, she would go back to her original state. Read more

Przewalkski ‘s Horse

Named after the Russo-Polish geographer and explorer Nickolay Przhevalsky, Przewalski’s Horse is believed to be a subspecies of Equus ferus, ‘the forest horse’. It is the only true wild horse of the world, the descendant of those horses painted on cave walls 25 000 years ago. Read more

Quarter Horse

My first horse was a Quarter Horse called ‘Brandy’. He was a long-legged, chestnut gelding,  15.2 hands high. He had a diamond on his brow and one white sock on his left hind foot. He was called, Brandy, because he had a ‘J’ brand on his left flank. He was twenty years old, but he could run. I could lie on his back while he grazed. I could stand on his back and climb up into a tree. I knew how to swing up on his back in one fluid movement. I always rode bareback. Read more