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Spinning truths

This project was part of an art exhibit I held in 2012. The process took a whole summer and was documented: harvesting the plants, dyeing the wool, drying, spinning, and finally, knitting. I learned from the plants and how to spin. I spun coyote fur with sheep wool, uniting two opposing forces, prey and predator.

Now in 2022, ten years later, I pick up my drop spindle again to finish the knitting and turn it into something. Spinning is the twining of raw fibres to form a strong bond. It helps us to go back to the old ways to find our place in the natural world. Being free and in the moment, turning with the seasons, spinning truths.

Local raw wool, plant-dyed wool, & coyote fur left over from tanning a coyote hide

Experimenting with plant dyes and mordants, ie. urine, vinegar and salt (fixatives to hold the dye)

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