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Here are some of the larger weaving projects I’ve done. Many were practical structures to protect my garden, some were experiments. I made a coracle, a small traditional Irish boat, out of alder and willow spokes, but didn’t have a hide to cover it and it never floated and has since gone back to earth. It was exhibited with my baskets at Galerie 360 in the Outaouais. The raft structure on a sea of goldenrod was made for La Triennale Internationale des Arts Textiles en Outaouais 2013┬áthat took place in Poltimore, Quebec, a showcase of landscape art involving 26 textile artists from around the world and 13 installations on a 1.5 kilometre path through forest and fields. My raft installation was made of spruce poles tied with cedar rope and held baskets I made from raspberry cane, milkweed, cedar, porcupine quill and corn husk. that held offerings of apples, deer hair, stones, whatever I found in the vicinity. I made woven wreaths from grasses, and fibre cordage, and a grass deer figurine that stood beneath the raft.

What I love about these structures is that they are strong and enduring and cost nothing, but when they are done they disappear…


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